3 Watch Winder Box to Buy and Why You Need It

3 Watch Winder Box to Buy and Why You Need It

What is a 3 watch winder box? A winder box is a box to keep the automatic watch. But more than just a box or storage, a winder box also functions to enable the automatic watch to keep rotating. Yes, an automatic watch is different from other types. When you are not wearing it for a long time, the clockwise may stop moving.

This problem is probably not experienced if your automatic watches are only a few. But if you are a collector, it is quite bothersome. Of course, it is impossible to reset all your watches before wearing them. This way, a winder box is a solution.

Types of Watch Winder Box

In the market, watch winder boxes have so many types. They are seen from the materials, designs, and the number of slots to place the watches. For the materials, most of the winder boxes are made from metal indeed. However, you can also find them that are made of wood or even bamboo.

The designs are also various. Some products are designed in a minimalist way for you who prefer a modern or contemporary style. On the other hand, classic-designed products are also available with stunning details like engraving. A winder box can be used for only a watch. But some products are designed for more watches whether it is 2, 3, or even 10.

3 Watch Winder Box

3 watch winder box is for 3 watches. There are 3 slots available for your collections. This type of winder box is for you who don’t have too many watches but still want to keep them in the winder box. The price is also considered cheaper than buying winder boxes with only single slots.

Sure, if your watches are more than 3, you can buy some more 3 watch winder boxes. Or, it is a good idea also to buy a winder box with other types of slots.

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